Asahigaoka Park

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 Cherry trees lining the road along
 Asahigaoka Park
 Asahigaoka Park is located in the Furano-Ashibetsu Prefectural Park. It was also designated as one of the 100 most beautiful sites in Japan in 1950. In spring, the park comes alive with the blossoms of 3,000 cherry trees, as well as the Dahurian azalea. In summer, "Ho-no-ki", one of Furano's official trees, is one of the highlights. Citizens of Furano enjoy relaxing in Asahigaoka Park. Much of Furano's beauty is visible from this park. It overlooks the Sorachi River, downtown Furano, and the vast countryside of the Furano basin. Further away, a panoramic view of the Taisetsu-Rempo mountain range can be enjoyed. In winter, a challenging cross-country ski course with plenty of hills can be enjoyed by skiers.

 ■Address: Furano city, Shimogoryo

 ■Access: 40 minute walk from JR Furano Station(3.5km)
       15 minutes by bike, 10 minutes by taxi.(¥1,020)